Anya Sharma

Operational Executive Assistant
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At 17 I moved to London from Dubai after spending majority of my teenage years there. I came to London and immediately started working at a hotel where I worked closely with customer services which I loved! I began working with the property market at 19 as an office manager and admired the hustle. Further from that I went on to become a PA/ divisional manager, looking after a team of receptionists where I began to learn that having good relationships and connections with people you’re working for is key to being successful, something I pride myself in particularly at David Astburys. After working hard since such a young age, I finally landed myself my dream career of being the Executive Assistant for the most amazing directors. Extremely inspired by my mother who I’ve followed in the footsteps of; she is my hero. Having such a distinguished career at such a young age is such an achievement for me and not something that wasn’t an outcome of perseverance and hard work.

In my downtime I love to read, and actually read over 100 books a year which I’m extremely proud of. Over the years I’ve learnt that being true to yourself is key, stay strong, believe in yourself and never give up!

Anya Sharma - Operational Executive Assistant - David Astburys

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