Melisa Veli

Lettings Coordinator
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I value creativity, family, and new experiences. Whether it's helping others find their dream homes, exploring my creative passions, cherishing moments with loved ones, or embarking on thrilling adventures, my journey has been diverse and defining.

After my secondary education, I immersed myself in Fashion and Art, passions deeply ingrained in me. The expressive nature of these fields has always captivated me, and I continue to push boundaries.

However, my career unexpectedly led me to the Property Industry, a path I've passionately pursued for four years. I've found not only professional success but also personal fulfilment in helping people find homes and investment opportunities.

Beyond work, family takes precedence. From unforgettable adventures to joyous moments with close-knit family and cherishing valuable time with my partner of nearly five years, who recently proposed as we plan our upcoming wedding, family remains the heart of my life.

My belief in living life to the fullest and creating enduring memories drives me forward.

Melisa Veli - Lettings Coordinator - David Astburys

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