Neah Banberry

Lettings Consultant
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I am a dedicated and accomplished professional with a rich educational background, having earned my bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance followed by a master’s in financial technology from Manchester Metropolitan University.

My profound passion for the intricate world of real estate has been a driving force throughout my academic and professional endeavours. My keen interest in this field is matched only by my commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I treasure the warmth of family bonds and the joy of friendships, prioritizing meaningful connections in my life. My sociable nature and approachable demeanour make me an individual who thrives in diverse social settings, always eager to meet new people and expand my network.

My friendly nature, coupled with my professional acumen and passion for real estate, positions me as a dedicated professional ready to embrace new challenges and contribute meaningfully to the dynamic world of property.

Neah Banberry - Lettings Consultant - David Astburys

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