Tamanna Alam

Lettings Consultant
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If you want exceptional, be exceptional. I have lived by this rule for as long as I can remember and apply it to everything I care about in life. If you don’t take risks, life never changes, if you win, you gain confidence, and if you lose, you gain wisdom.

I always knew I wanted to jump into the real estate industry, but never quite knew when the right time for me was. It was a huge risk for me to take, leaving everything I knew in the jewellery industry behind and tasking myself to learn a whole new enigma, but it massively paid off and I’ve been loving every second of it. In life you must value the small wins, and in my profession, I see these as things like seeing a smile on someone’s face when you’ve got it right for them.

Having lived in London all my life and seeing the amount of estate agencies on every high street, I always knew it would be a challenge to stand out but at the same time it’s not difficult when you know you have delivered an exceptional service, something which I will always strive to do to the best of my ability.

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